Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships to Accelerate the SDGs

New report presents 12 actionable changes — and 4 priority steps per sector — to overcome current MSPs pitfalls to accelerate progress on the SDGs





It is increasingly recognized that each sector has critical assets to leverage in pursuit of the SDGs — from the expertise of civil society organizations, to the scale of governments, to the networks and convening power of philanthropy, to the efficiency of the private sector. There have been some successful Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships (MSPs), however, on the whole, MSPs have not lived up to expectations. 

This new report puts forward four calls to action —  specific to leadership in government, civil society, philanthropy and the private sector - and priority next steps. The report also provides in-depth case studies, examples and recommendations on how to engage across sectors.

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“In light of our lackluster global progress towards the SDGs, MSPs represent a tremendous opportunity to radically transform the ways we partner and accelerate towards these goals. This report is a step towards making them work better for Agenda 2030.

Connor Diemand-Yauman, CEO at Philanthropy U