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Due to COVID-19 many civil society organizations have shut down operations and lost funding. Help support them during this crucial time.

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We have helped mission-driven organizations build skills for free through our online learning platform, which provides courses, knowledge-share communities and funding opportunities.

Our community of over 300,000 civil society organizations continue to struggle to connect with government organizations and the private sector to learn how to expand their impact.

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing social impact organizations to reimagine ways they can extend their reach and improve their efficiency. 

How can they achieve this? — With your support.

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Tayo Mofikoya was called to action following mass displacements resulting from Boko Haram’s actions in Northern Nigeria in 2017.

She started the Refreshing Spring Foundation to distribute goods and provide services to support health and education of women and children.

Tayo soon needed to grow her fundraising operation while also expanding Refreshing Spring’s advocacy efforts.

Tayo and her team enrolled in Philanthropy U's Fundraising 101, Advocacy, and Fundraising 201

Refreshing Spring now serves 5 times the number of families, expanding from 100 families in rural settlements to 500 families in the second half of 2019.

Help learners like Tayo create lasting change in the communities they serve.