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Philanthropy University is the only training solution that knows impact outcomes are an important part of ROI. That is why we focus on giving your portfolio the exact skills needed to more efficiently change the world.

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We create world-class courses that outperform other MOOCs, in completion and social impact expertise.

We built our online training solution with a decade-worth of experience upskilling social impact organizations to maximize their impact outcomes.

Upskilling For Impact

We only teach topics that are proven to improve organizational effectiveness, and we tailor instruction to be practical and relevant.

Practical Instruction

Out-of-the-box training solution 
trusted by global brands

Maximize the potential of your portfolio. 
No need to build a training program from scratch. Delight organizations by providing them with support, with an eye towards
 your double bottom line.

Instantly available courses, on key topics

Batch enroll contacts for easy on-boarding

Track your portfolio's learning journey

Measure skill development

Layer with mentorship or accelerator programs

Online community spaces for discussion

What people are saying

PhilU is the leading online training solution for nonprofits & social enterprises

Abiodun Adeleke

Founder at Golden Oasis Spring Foundation

"Philanthropy University is making an impact far beyond what they know at the moment.”

"Nothing like this has ever been done before."

Ben Mangan

Executive Director at Center for Social Sector Leadership, University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business

"They are great collaborators and willing to make sure all content is accurate and useful for the participant."

Amy Gaver

Managing Director at Mission Critical Development

Leave the training to us

PhilU is a trusted training solution designed with social impact in mind, 
which will lead to bigger outcomes, happier investors & increased interest from top talent

the out-of-the-box training solution
to move your double bottom line

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Online Training
For Bigger Profit 
& Impact